Transmitting brands from the universe to the metaverse

Our Ethos

We are blockchain enthusiasts, marketers, developers, artists and storytellers.

Our Mission

Transmitting brands, Web3 companies, NFT projects and thought leaders from our universe to the metaverse and back again.

Our Solar System

We are a collective of industry leading PR, marketing and content development companies orbiting the lifestyle, entertainment and technology spaces with dedicated staff and resources focused on partnering with Web3 brands and projects.

Web3 Capabilities

  • Full Stack Web3 Development
  • Website Design & Deployment
  • Seamless Minting Process on ETH or SOL
  • Custom Smart Contracts
  • Audited Rust Programs

  • Creation of Metadata files associated with each NFT
  • Crafting + Trading Pack Protocols
  • In house Creative Director
  • Network of Proven Artists, Designers, 2D-3D Programmers
  • Programmatic Script to Generate Unique NFT Generative Combinations

  • Promotion of Projects + Partnerships
  • Create Meaningful Relationships with Media
  • Paid Placements in NFT/Crypto Publication
  • Podcast Booking
  • Media Training
  • Crisis Management
  • Media Events and Activations

  • Influencer Relations
  • Social Media Management + Strategy
  • Social Asset Development (Discord, Twitter, Partnerships)
  • Paid Advertising

  • Custom Role Creation & Assignment (Discord, Twitter)
  • Create Verified Discord Channels
  • Promote Active Community Engagement
  • Asset Creation

Partners we love

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